I was asked by the director of the senior center across the street from my house to teach art and computer...

 I find it very challenging and rewarding, I was never a good student.  I do realize how much I have to learn.

..thanks to the computer some of the skills that I did not acquire in school I have learned to overcome..

.my spelling and my grammar could be greatly improved . I'm trying to do. 

I taught myself how to paint and to use the computer maybe I can teach myself to spell and use better grammar.

.Now that brings us to my art which I am  

now calling .Naive art ,Somebody told me that they think my Art resembles or is in the style of painting that is called Naive art,

Primitive art  that's what they say my art closely resembles,,charming and simplistic as they described it  with a strong color Harmony balance

I hope you enjoy this painting I enjoyed painting it ..  Thank you so much for     being part of my growth