The Printed Painting Lady ✿ Unique Prints of Original Watercolor Paintings by Me, Georgi

A self-taught artist, I became aware of my artistic ability after doodling on a restaurant napkin (believe it or not!) and really liking what’d I’d drawn. That was twenty-five years ago. Since then, I’ve established myself as a professional painter, inspired initially by the famed paint artist Bob Ross and his popular instructional program "The Joy of Painting". Progressing from there, I went on to develop my original style and technique.

Realizing that art flows through the heart and not just the hand, I began perfecting my craft, using bold strokes and vivid color to capture the excitement of my subject matter and the beauty of paint.
My Personal Art Motto: If you create something that looks good to you, this creates desire within you, which creates motivation, which in turn, creates art!

I couldn’t stop creating art, and when I began showing my work to others, the suggestion to open an art gallery was often made, so here it is: my Etsy shop; an online gallery of my original paintings offered as prints.

Retired from the workforce, I spend my days devoted to my passion for pigment and painting. I love sharing my work with others and helping them color their world and add drama and beauty to their personal spaces. In this shop, you’ll find printed versions of my original artwork, all of which come with easy-to-replace black matting.

Enjoy your visit ... and do convo me with any questions!

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