This has been an awesome Summer for me.. I did have some set backs But all in all its been fun..

 I started teaching Watercolor art classes , it's really hard for me 

It's also a lot of fun

 I'm meeting  some new people and getting together with other's  people that I haven't seen in a long time 

.The place that I'm teaching in is nearby I do not have to travel far to get there .

.I did not realize how much I have learned over the years and.sharing it with others brings me great joy..

This painting is one of my favorite so I'm going to show it to you again


 I do have some new artwork prints Watercolor Painting  that I will be sharing with you shortly 

Summer is ending  and it has been fun  But it's time for me to get back to work

And so my friends enjoy this lovely Autumn season that will bring us to the season that we have all been waiting for

Happy School Season